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Reliable & Experienced Electricians in Miami, FL


Sudden Power-loss or just simply changing a light bulb? No problem! Your local Miami electricians are available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Just give us a call and we’ll happily set up an appointment!


We are proud to have built a solid reputation here in Miami for giving reliable and fast service when it comes to your electrical needs!


From moving an outlet to re-wiring the whole house, we’re here to make it easy for you. We want it done fast, seamless and professional.

Why We Are Your Preferred Electrician

Had a sudden power loss and you have no idea how to fix it? Or you simply just want to move a power outlet to another room? Our reliable team of professionals will be happy to help you!

Here Is Why Our Miami Clients Choose Us:

  • We dispatch local electricians that are in the area to ensure getting it done in a timely, professional manner.
  • Our skilled electricians are equipped with the latest and safest tools to easily identify and fix your electrical problems.
  • We make sure that our quotes are clear and detailed to not confuse our clients. And if they have any clarifications, we’re always happy to answer.
  • We treat each and every client with professionalism and respect. It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, we just want to make sure we get it done and get you safe.
  • Every one of our Miami electricians is insured should an unlikely accident happen.

How to Select a Reliable Electrician

Okay, so now you have an idea of who we are and what we do, but you’re still considering other local electricians in Miami, here are some important points for you to read when choosing a reliable contractor:

Make Sure You Check License and Insurance Information

Sure, hiring a handyman to do the job can cost you less, but without a proper license and insurance, you risk your name and business. It’s worthwhile to ask these from the contractor you want to hire. It could cost you more in the long run.

Self-proclaimed electricians may seem to know what they’re doing, but certain tasks require correct certifications in most cases. And that sets them apart from our team of professional electricians.

Here’s an example, if your house burns down due to an electrical fault, and the non-certified electrician you hired fell into an accident within your vicinity, you will face charges for the damage that happened should your insurance not cover it. So always ask. The safe path is the best path.

Professionalism: How They Treat You Matters

How did your electrician treat his last client? What did they say about his work and was it worth the dime? It’s important to check reviews of who you’re going to hire especially when it’s about your electrical needs. Even if you just need help with troubleshooting existing-wiring or lighting, do a little investigation.

When we commit a mistake, we make sure to correct it and make things right. This is why we have so many positive reviews!

A Clear and Reasonable Estimate

When our Miami clients call to ask for a consultation, we make sure that we give them a clear and itemized quote.

Knowing the cost of labor and materials before the electrician does the job would prepare you mentally and financially.

And if there is something you don’t understand about the quote or the procedure, don’t hesitate to ask. Our professionals will be happy to make it clear for you.

We may not be the cheapest electricians in Miami, but we offer the highest standard of safety and quality work. We make sure that your home, business and family are safe.

Safety Is Number One

Our experienced and professional electricians take importance in the safety of your home. We set our standards with safety and quality and that sets us apart from the rest.

People Skills and Punctuality

We want our clients to feel comfortable with who they’re doing business with. And that’s why we send out licensed professionals who will treat you with respect and courteousness.

Aside from being respectful individuals, our electricians are punctual with their work. In that way, we make sure to keep our clients.