Five Important Questions You Need to Ask before Contracting with an Electrician

One of the challenges a business owner or a homeowner encounters is finding an experienced and reliable electrician. Whether you want to contact an electrician for construction work or to deal with household electrical problems, you need to choose the right man for the job.

These days, anyone can claim that they’re an electrician with strong job experience. However, you need to exert efforts to guarantee that you receive cost-effective yet remarkable services. Find electrical professionals that genuinely knows what they’re doing, licensed, and skilled with any electrical system.

Apart from that, look for the electrical expert who can deal with a specific job that you need. Contract a master electrician if you need someone to diagnose and design electrical systems. Or contact a journeyman electrician for your rewiring needs or installing a light in your home.

So, how do you find the right man for the job? Here are five questions you need to ask before contracting with an electrician.

Is he a certified and licensed electrician?

Most states require a license to work legally in any electrical project. So, it’s best to ask for the electrician’s licenses and certifications. To make sure he provided authentic and updated documents, check with the state’s authorizing body for electricians. Remember, this type of work deals with electricity. Unless he’s Thor or The Flash, any electrical project must be dealt with seriously. So, license, please!

Does he have experience and references relative to the specific job you need to be done?

Asking for references and knowing how long he’s been doing his job can assure you of quality electrical work. Contact his references and ask important questions about his skill and experience. Ask for client reviews and know if they’re satisfied with the job done, if he’s on time, the rate and any relevant information. Always remember that doing this job isn’t a joke, and you don’t need inexperienced people doing subpar jobs.

Is his business registered with the Better Business Bureau and does he have an excellent rating?

If the electrician is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you know that he is someone you can trust. But he has to show excellent ratings to prove his expertise and skill. Checking an electrician’s reputation at BBB is one of the simplest methods to verify whether the electrician provides quality electrical services.

Is he insured?

Working with electrical wiring and other projects involve life-threatening risks, such as electrocution and falling. Though a licensed electrician has undergone training on safety practices, knowing that he’s insured can give you and the electrician security in case of mishaps. You may also check for the coverage of his insurance.

Does he offer service warranty?

Sometimes, you can encounter electrical issues even though the job was done correctly. You need to make sure that the electrician can offer a warranty on his electrical services. Knowing that you can call on him when you need his assistance can give you relief.